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Gain teaching experience as an aide in English language classrooms at a private school in Rosario, Argentina (grades K-7). Working at a high school also possible. Homestay possible. Available spring, summer and fall terms.

About the Organization

Colegio Español de Rosario (Primary School) an internationally oriented and academically superior school for elementary students that focuses on the culture and traditions of Spain. Colegio Español is a private school of about 500 students which offers education at the elementary (through 7th grade) school levels.

Colegio San Bartolomé (Middle School): a distinguished 130 year old educational establishment originally set up as an English school and remains one of the city's top bilingual and academically superior schools.

Colegio Parque de España (High School): A part of Colegio Español de Rosario at the high school level.

Job Description

At Colegio Español, interns will be assigned to work with qualified English teachers and assist in English language classrooms grades K - 7 at Colegio Espanol. Typically interns rotate throughout various classrooms and grade levels to assist in English language instruction. This includes working with the teacher in classroom instruction and preparation tasks, giving extra support to students needing help in English, finding materials useful for classroom instruction/enrichment, and researching for the class projects and enrichment. Interns can expect a minimum of 300 hours of supervised class related contact hours. Interns receive a written performance evaluation prepared by the classroom teacher in consultation with, and endorsed by, the School Director. The Coordinator of the Rosario Internship Program will organize initial meetings for the interns with the Director and the teachers of the School, and will also counsel interns in cultural and other adjustments. This experience will be most profitable for students interested in a structured teaching experience within a different language and cultural context.

It is possible for interns interested in working with older students to be placed at Colegio San Bartolomé or Colegio Parque de España.

# of Positions per term


Start Dates

The school year runs from approximately March 15 to November 30th. There is a two-week mid-cycle break in July. Start dates: mid March; mid-June; early September.

Duration of Internship

minimum of 10-12 weeks (note: there is a 2 week school break in July); can stay for a semester or entire school year

Academic Background

Seniors or graduate students in ESL, Spanish, English or other relevant area


Prior classroom ESL exposure; some experience working with children.

Language Ability

Intermediate-advanced Spanish skills.

Other Requirements

Some experience working with children.

Total costs vary depending on how long you plan to be abroad, where you will be living, your personal spending habits, and current exchange rates. The following estimates will give you a ballpark figure for this internship. Get help with the math from our handy Cost Calculator and currency converter.

IE3 Program Fee

The IE3 program fee is $3450 for the first term for both in-state and out-of-state students and $1000 for each additional term. This fee includes up to 12 credits per term, and is charged in lieu of tuition. Visit your University's IE3 page for details regarding campus administrative fees.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

Expense Type Price
Host Site Fees


International Travel $1200 to $1600
Visa Fees $160*
Recommended Immunizations

*See Additional Cost Information below.

Estimated Monthly Expenses

Expense Type Price/month
Housing $500
Food $150
Local Transportation $75
Recreation $75
Personal Expenses $75



Additional Expense Information

Visa Costs: The Argentine government currently requires U.S. citizens to pay a reciprocity fee before entering the country. This fee must be paid online and the receipt printed to present to an Argentine immigration officer at the time of entry. Please consult the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs website for up-to-date information as fees and requirements are subject to change.

Housing: Homestay can be arranged for approximately $500/month including breakfast and dinner. Food costs approximately $150 per month. A total of $700-$800/month should be sufficient for basic living expenses. Budget additional funds for travel around the country.

Colegio Espanol

Rosario is a modern, European-style city of 1.2 million inhabitants on the Parana River. It is about 3 hours from the capital of Buenos Aires. Argentina is well known for its music, culture, nightlife and shopping. It has several Universities and Colleges , museums and a very active intellectual and artistic life. Weather is very mild with mostly sunny days and never too cold. It is hot in January, during the Argentine summer season.There are many cafés scattered all over the city that place their tables and chairs in the streets for customers to sit and talk, following the European style. Most of the population of Rosario is from the original immigrant population that came from Italy and Spain. There are many opportunities for weekend travel around the country.

There is an international airport, so it is easy to fly into Rosario. However a cheaper option is to fly into Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, and as soon as you leave Customs get a ticket at the front counter of Manuel Tienda Leon,a shuttle bus company that brings passengers (and their heavy luggage) directly to the address provided. A one-way fare is about $50 dollars. The 4 hour trip is on a freeway that goes through the Argentine pampas.

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Interns can bring their laptops or notebooks. Schools can only provide limited access to computers. There are lots of places in Rosario to use internet, and it is very inexpensive.

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    Iguazu Cataratas by David Moody: University of Oregon student (July 18, 2011).