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San Miguel de Allende | Mexico

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Intern at ¡Jóvenes Adelante! (Youth Go Forward!), a community-based organization that provides university scholarships to brilliant, economically-disadvantaged students from San Miguel de Allende. Interns will serve as instructors of an innovative English as a Second Language program that addresses the English training needs of current Jóvenes Adelante students while generating funding for promising new Jóvenes Adelante students. Priority given to OSU students.

About the Organization

Jóvenes Adelante is a non-profit organization that “envisions itself enabling young Mexicans facing economic adversity to acquire the academic and life skills necessary to foster positive social and economic change in their society.” They base their programs on the following Core Values:

  • Empowerment: Provide the tools and support to empower students and volunteers to achieve their respective goals.
  • Development/Growth: Be an organization that promotes learning for both its students and volunteers.
  • Teamwork: Solve problems and embrace opportunities through collaboration with one another in an environment of mutual respect, trust, and transparency

Learn more about Jóvenes Adelante's mission and values on their website.

Job Description

In January 2013, Jóvenes Adelante began a pilot session of an innovative ESL program they call ESL Camp. The success of this initial session generated further interest among youth in the community and Jóvenes Adelante intends to offer additional sessions of ESL Camp with the help if IE3 interns starting in January 2014!

Future ESL Camp sessions will be based on the pilot courses that were conceived and taught by volunteer teachers Cameron and Seymour Smith, who have had recognized success with the Jump Start ESL program launched in Costa Rica in 2012. The Jóvenes Adelante’s ESL Camp pilot session consisted of a series of intensive English classes spanning 10 weeks with classes for beginner and intermediate level speakers. Classes provided 100 hours of instruction with 2 hours each day for 5 days per week and addressed oral & written skills with an emphasis on practical conversation. At the end of the sessions, students received a certificate of attendance and, depending on the results of their oral tests, certificates of achievement. The ESL Camp pilot session was offered to:

  • Jóvenes Adelante students (free of charge)
  • Campo students (scholarships offered)
  • All others (3000 pesos)

Thus, the course not only helped address the English training needs of local Jóvenes Adelante students, it also brought in much-needed funding for promising new Jóvenes Adelante students.

Starting in June 2013, Jóvenes Adelante plans to conduct ESL Camp utilizing team teaching, with two-person teams leading each class. Interns will serve on teaching teams and will be trained by Cameron & Seymour, the program's initiators, in their techniques and curriculum via Skype. Interns can expect to spend significant hours on preparation work in addition to obtaining at least 200 hours of direct teaching experience.

Learn more about the Jump Start ESL program Cameron and Seymour helped launch in Costa Rica in 2012 by viewing this video (in Spanish):

# of Positions per term

At least 2 interns are needed each term. Priority given to OSU students.

Start Dates

Winter Term, Summer Term

Duration of Internship

10 weeks.

Academic Background

Undergraduate and graduate students with coursework in teaching English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) or English as a foreign language (EFL). Undergraduate applicants must have completed all of their major's lower-division coursework to be considered. Applicants from the Colleges of Education, Liberal Arts, or Public Health and Human Sciences preferred. Priority given to OSU students.


  • Experience teaching and managing youth and adults.
  • Willingness to integrate with the local community.
  • Experience living and working independently.
  • Commitment to service and volunteerism.

Language Ability

  • Native English Speaker.

Other Requirements

Total costs vary depending on how long you plan to be abroad, where you will be living, your personal spending habits, and current exchange rates. The following estimates will give you a ballpark figure for this internship. Get help with the math from our handy Cost Calculator and currency converter.

IE3 Program Fee

The IE3 program fee is $3450 for the first term for both in-state and out-of-state students and $1000 for each additional term. This fee includes up to 12 credits per term, and is charged in lieu of tuition. Visit your University's IE3 page for details regarding campus administrative fees.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

Expense Type Price
International Travel $600-$800
Visa Fees None at this time*
Recommended Immunizations $200

*See Additional Cost Information below.

Estimated Monthly Expenses

Expense Type Price/month
Housing Housing , breakfast, and laundry provided by host
Food $150 (Breakfast provided)
Local Transportation $50
Recreation $100
Personal Expenses $50

Additional Expense Information

Visa Fees: Visa and entry requirements and fees change frequently. Please consult the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs website for up-to-date information.

Housing: Jóvenes Adelante will provide housing, breakfast and laundry at no cost to interns.

Additionally, Jóvenes Adelante will provide:

  • Transportation from the Leon airport to San Miguel.
  • Teaching materials.
  • Ongoing support from the Board members in what the intern might require during their stay.

In 2008, San Miguel de Allende was named an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rich history and architecture. Within San Miguel, interns will have easy access to art and music, along with historical sights. The Charco botanical garden has great views of town along with educational materials about the indigenous culture and local vegetation. As with most of Mexico, San Miguel has great celebrations, parades and processions on holidays and saints days. It is a short trip to both Dolores Hidalgo (the birthplace of the revolution) and the great historical sites of the university town of Guanajuato.

Click here to learn more about San Miguel de Allende and its attractions.