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  • Atout France - French Tourism Development Agency - Paris | France

    Take advantage of a unique opportunity to promote travel to and tourism in France by interning with the primary and only official national tourism agency in the country.

  • Faces of America Teaching Internship in France - Angers | France

    Play a central role in implementing a unique, new interdisciplinary History and English curriculum into the French public schools focusing on the "Faces of America". Introduce French youth to the historical, social, economic and political issues ethnic groups in the US have faced since the 1700's, while enhancing their English language skills.

  • Salomon S.A. - Annecy | France

    Conduct language training programs, both individualized and in groups for employees at Salomon SA in Annecy, France.

  • The Catholic University of Lyon Int’l Relations Office and Lyon Institute of Languages and Culture - Lyon | France

    Be a part of two dynamic teams charged with enhancing the international agendas within their institutions by providing outreach and support to their international students, scholars and researchers based in Lyon, France.

  • The University of Poitiers, International Relations Office - Poitiers | France

    Join the International Student Services and International Relations team at the University of Poitiers. Gain skills in the art of translation while learning what it takes to support an international agenda at a French University.

  • Vacaciones Animacion SL - French Holiday Resorts - Various | France

    Improve your French, develop your tourism and leadership skills, and apply your teaching and experiential education training while living in France.