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  • Child Family Health International (CFHI) Argentina: Primary Care & Social Medicine - Cordoba | Argentina

    NEW! CFHI and IE3 Global Internships have partnered to offer a special 10-week program for students. Interns will rotate in a variety of clinics and hospitals and witness government efforts to provide care to a large percentage of the population without health insurance. Opportunities for involvement with public health outreach and educational campaigns possible. Intermediate Spanish level strongly recommended. Includes Spanish classes and homestays.

  • Community Center - Villa Constitucion, Santa Fe Province | Argentina

    Engranajes is a non-profit organization that works daily to improve human rights, paying specific attention to children's rights. The mission of the organization is to better the lives of the working class and to support and defend the diginty of the children and the underserved populations. Interns at this site will gain hands-on experience with children and work to develop activities and recreation.

  • Individualized Placements in Argentina - Buenos Aires | Argentina

    Professional experience in a broad range of fields is available through an individualized placement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fields include, but are not limited to: government, media, film and television, business, finance, PR, social services, environmental and science fields, and community development.

  • Rosario City Hall - International Affairs Office - Rosario | Argentina

    The Office of International Affairs was founded in 1992 with the goal to become more involved internationally and to develop an internationalization strategy for the city of Rosario. It had become apparent that many of the universities, unions, non-governmental organizations and organizations of the region had international dimensions and relationships. Interns will learn about Argentine government and politics first hand. Not available during January.

  • Teaching in Rosario - Rosario | Argentina

    Gain teaching experience as an aide in English language classrooms at a private school in Rosario, Argentina (grades K-7). Working at a high school also possible. Homestay possible. Available spring, summer and fall terms.