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  • Community Center - Villa Constitucion, Santa Fe Province | Argentina

    Engranajes is a non-profit organization that works daily to improve human rights, paying specific attention to children's rights. The mission of the organization is to better the lives of the working class and to support and defend the diginty of the children and the underserved populations. Interns at this site will gain hands-on experience with children and work to develop activities and recreation.

  • Pathways to Development - Phnom Penh | Cambodia

    Do you want to gain a better understanding of non-profit administration in a cross-cultural context? Do you want to gain practical, hands-on experience in promoting child welfare? Do you want to make a big contribution to a small grass-roots organization? If so, this unique internship is for you – the independent, mature and self-motivated individual. This internship, based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, provides an incredible opportunity for an intern with an interest in non-profit administration and/or community development to learn about implementing child welfare programs in an international context. English language internship. Read a recent intern's blog of her experience.

  • The Trailblazer Foundation - Siem Riep and surrounding areas | Cambodia

    Be a part of a sustainable development organization working in in and around Siem Riep, Cambodia. Intern as an Agricultural Assistant or Data Analyst for The Trailblazer Foundation, which works to provide clean water, support food security and provide technical training to rural villages around the town of Siem Riep. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about grassroots, non-profit program management. Interns will have an opportunity to support extraordinary community based projects while experiencing Cambodia's rich culture and complex history. Located about 15 miles from infamous Angkor Wat, interns will be well placed to explore the ruins of one of the greatest human creations in history. In the role as intern you will assist The Trailblazer Foundation in its mission to build local capacity to alleviate the poverty and hardship that remains from the devastation of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

  • Abroad China - Beijing, Shanghai | China

    Internships with a wide variety of businesses and organizations are possible through our partnership with Abroad China. Placements are made in Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Fundacion Jatun Sacha - various | Ecuador

    Jatun Sacha is a well established environmental conservation organization in Ecuador. Interns work at one of several biological reserves at the coast, the Amazon, the Galapagos or the highlands of Ecuador. Activities including data field research, environmental education, community service, plant conservation, agroforestry, horticulture, aquaculture, marine conservation or reserve maintenance.

  • Planet Drum - Bahía de Caráquez, Manabí | Ecuador

    NEW INTERNSHIP SITE! Intern with Planet Drum! A U.S.-based organization that has been putting the principles of bioregionalism into practice in the coastal community of Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador since 1999. Complimentary housing provided to interns.

  • Wogen Children and Mothers Support Association - Gondar | Ethiopia

    Share in this non-profit organization's efforts to promote the health, education and productivity of mothers, orphans and vulnerable children. Interns assist with social work, micro-enterprise development, environmental assessment and conservation, urban gardening, and children's development.

  • Women in Progress (WIP) - Cape Coast | Ghana

    Work with this non-profit organization to support Ghanaian women artisans develop their products and businesses. A variety of business and design skills are sought.

  • Long Way Home (LWH) - Chimiyá, San Juan Comalapa | Guatemala

    Conduct development work in rural Guatemala. Projects in Environmental Education and Trash Management, Alternative Construction and Appropriate Technology, Marketing and Grantwriting. Beginning-level Spanish helpful to facilitate daily living.

  • Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & the Environment (ATREE) - Bangalore | India

    Bangalore office based internship to assist in development with research and education on sustainability and environmental issues. Master's degree students are considered for research support, while interested undergraduates may assist with promoting communication materials and website support for programming needs.

  • Chaitanya - Rajgurunagar | India

    Work with women's empowerment projects in rural India.

  • Grassroots Community Development in India - Pen and surrounding areas, Maharashtra | India

    Learn and work to support local development initiatives in villages in Maharashtra state.

  • VANASTREE - the Malnad Forest Garden and Seedkeepers’ Collective - Karkolli Village, near Sirsi | India

    Work with an environmental organization in a small town and on a rural farm to help with projects focused on education, sustainability, seeds, and maintaining the biodiversity in the Western Ghats.

  • Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) - Amman | Jordan

    Work with the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the University of Jordan conducting research, designing publications, and assisting with projects related to politics, the economy, sustainability, community development, the environment, and security in the Middle East.

  • Ruwwad: The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development - Jabal Natheef, Amman | Jordan

    Over the past four years, Ruwwad has been providing essential services to Jabal Natheef in several key areas: health, safety, decent living, education, employment, sustainability and legal aid. Ruwwad is a community empowerment organization that helps disadvantaged communities overcome marginalization through youth activism, civic engagement, and education. Join Ruwwad in its unique community empowerment model and help the communities of Amman.

  • Asral NGO Mongolia - Gachuurt, near Ulaanbatar | Mongolia

    Work hands-on in subsistence gardening in Mongolia. This is an ideal site for those interested in sustainable agriculture/horticulture, food production and food security in the developing world. Housing and board provided free of charge in Ulaanbatar. Asral NGO Mongolia is a project of Jampa Ling , a non-governmental organization in Ireland working with local partners in Mongolia and India to reduce suffering, promote and develop life supporting, self-sustaining projects, provide training, health care and education, and achieve improvements in the lives of people living in poverty.

  • FINCA Perú Microfinance Program - Ayacucho | Peru

    FINCA Perú's broadest goals are to build human capacity and participation, particularly that of women. Its microfinance program supports community savings and lending services, reaching over 16,000 indigenous small entrepreneurs, more than 6,000 of whom reside in the Ayacucho area.

  • Association of Chief Officers of Scottish Voluntary Organizations - Edinburgh | Scotland

    Work with the professional development organization for the leaders of charities and non-profits in Scotland's capital. Interns with the ACOSVO will aid in researching, planning, and managing events for the chief officers of voluntary organizations across Scotland and the United Kingdom. This is an exceptional opportunity for students in business, communications, public relations, or any student with an interest in professional development, to gain a better understanding of how charities work together with the government. Students are invited to attend organization events, which will encourage collaboration and future networking opportunities.

  • Tostan - Various locations | Senegal

    Interns support the community education initiatives of this internationally-recognized, dynamic non-profit organization. French is required and Wolof is helpful.

  • WomenCraft - Ngara, Kagera Region | Tanzania

    New site! Contribute to this social enterprise's efforts to increase economic opportunity in western Tanzania by contributing your skills in design, marketing, technology, skills training or social impact programming.