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  • Individualized Placements in Argentina - Buenos Aires | Argentina

    Professional experience in a broad range of fields is available through an individualized placement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fields include, but are not limited to: government, media, film and television, business, finance, PR, social services, environmental and science fields, and community development.

  • Professional Pathways Australia:  Individualized Placements - Victoria | Australia

    Explore your career down under through individualized placements primarily in the Melbourne area of Australia in almost any field! Other cities may be available depending on your career interest.

  • Rio EnCantos Tours - Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

    NEW SITE! Intern with Rio EnCantos Tours, an emerging tour company that seeks to provide tours of Rio de Janeiro that go beyond the main touristic routes, offering visitors the chance to explore the city's wonders along with the local Cariocas lifestyle.

  • Abroad China - Beijing, Shanghai | China

    Internships with a wide variety of businesses and organizations are possible through our partnership with Abroad China. Placements are made in Beijing and Shanghai.

  • The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu (Eco-lodge and Restaurant) - Mutianyu (near Beijing) | China

    Interns with varied backgrounds provide support to this award winning sustainable lodge and restaurant business in the historic village of Mutianyu at the base of the Great Wall of China. Stipend, room and board and weekend getaways to Beijing provided.

  • Dream Careers in London - London | England

    Gain professional experience in fields such as fashion, finance, PR and marketing, events management or media while living in one of the world's largest and most cosmopolitan cities - London, England.

  • Atout France - French Tourism Development Agency - Paris | France

    Take advantage of a unique opportunity to promote travel to and tourism in France by interning with the primary and only official national tourism agency in the country.

  • Vacaciones Animacion SL - French Holiday Resorts - Various | France

    Improve your French, develop your tourism and leadership skills, and apply your teaching and experiential education training while living in France.

  • Individualized Internships in Germany - Primarily Cologne and surrounding areas | Germany

    Internships in Germany in a variety of fields suitable for students with previous experience studying in Germany or have a strong German language foundation.

  • Grassroots Community Development in India - Pen and surrounding areas, Maharashtra | India

    Learn and work to support local development initiatives in villages in Maharashtra state.

  • Rainforest Retreat Eco Lodge and WAPRED NGO - Kodagu District, Karnataka | India

    Two distinct internships on an organic farm/eco-resort provide opportunities for tourism/hospitality/business majors or for interns focused on sustainable agriculture. A wide variety of majors accepted. Free room and board in a biodiversity hotspot in India.

  • Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre - Bawnboy, County Cavan | Ireland

    Live and Work at Jampa Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist retreat Centre in the country side of the northern part of the Republic of Ireland. Two opportunities exist for interns work with Jampa Ling's management team to either cultivate their organic garden or design and cook organic menus and meals for the center.

  • Maxmedia - Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin | Ireland

    Intern at Maxmedia, an award winning marketing and media organization that produces print and on-line publications for clients across Ireland's tourism industry, located just south of Ireland's capital city of Dublin.

  • Peace Boat - Tokyo | Japan

    Support the work of an international NGO while gaining hands on experience in the fields of peace, sustainability, and international cultural exchange. This is a great opportunity for people to further develop their language while contributing to the strengthening of global civil society. Peace Boat interns support voyage staff that serve as interpreters, language teachers and program managers.

  • Ruwwad: The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development - Jabal Natheef, Amman | Jordan

    Over the past four years, Ruwwad has been providing essential services to Jabal Natheef in several key areas: health, safety, decent living, education, employment, sustainability and legal aid. Ruwwad is a community empowerment organization that helps disadvantaged communities overcome marginalization through youth activism, civic engagement, and education. Join Ruwwad in its unique community empowerment model and help the communities of Amman.

  • Softpillow Mollycoddle & Co. - Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

    Intern with Softpillow Mollycoddle & Co., a boutique event design consultancy born out of the desire to innovate the event design and management sector within the larger corporate events industry. We offer full-fledged creative and management services within the events, branding, design and communication sectors. Gain hands on professional experience and join this small team of innovative specialists based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. English language internship. Stipend provided.

  • Association of Chief Officers of Scottish Voluntary Organizations - Edinburgh | Scotland

    Work with the professional development organization for the leaders of charities and non-profits in Scotland's capital. Interns with the ACOSVO will aid in researching, planning, and managing events for the chief officers of voluntary organizations across Scotland and the United Kingdom. This is an exceptional opportunity for students in business, communications, public relations, or any student with an interest in professional development, to gain a better understanding of how charities work together with the government. Students are invited to attend organization events, which will encourage collaboration and future networking opportunities.

  • Scottish Seabird Centre - North Berwick | Scotland

    The Scottish Seabird Center is a charity dedicated to inspiring people to appreciate and care for wildlife and the environment. All proceeds are reinvested in the work of the charity and the Center relies on the help of all its volunteers, members and sponsors to survive. The award-winning Center is a Visit Scotland five star attraction and is committed to providing a high quality service, while benefiting our local environment, wildlife and community. The Seabird Center is set in a stunning location overlooking the islands of the Firth of Forth and the white sandy beaches of North Berwick. Opportunities exist in teaching/educational programs, the Discovery Center, and Center events and exhibits.

  • Cape Town Marketing and Advertising Internships - Cape Town | South Africa

    Interns will be individually placed in a specific company with a focus on marketing and advertising, based on their experience and interests. Opportunities include advertising agencies, event management, tourism, sports and recreation marketing, and online marketing/web design.

  • Cape Town Wineries - Cape Town or surrounding area | South Africa

    Work in the vibrant wine industry around Cape Town, either in business and marketing or in the winery operations and production.

  • Table Mountain Conservation and Marine Research - Cape Town | South Africa

    Placements in a variety of divisions of the Table Mountain National Park, a unique Cape Town ecosystem. Internships are tailored to the applicant's interests and experience. Opportunities exist in both land and marine conservation and in research, education and monitoring.

  • Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary - Mae Sot, Tak province | Thailand

    Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary is devoted to the rescuing, care and protection of any rejected or abused gibbons. It is a haven that affords them a safe world between jungle and zoo. Interns support projects and help care for more than 62 Lar, Pileated, and Concolor gibbons reflecting various physical and emotional states. Join a team providing these rescued and donated gibbons with love, good shelter, an excellent diet, medical attention, socialization with other gibbons, and human interaction. An English language internship, this is a great opportunity for students of Biology, Zoo Management, Veterinary Sciences, or those with interests related to environmental conservation.

  • Marq Inn - Patong, Phuket | Thailand

    Gain professional experience in the fields of business management, hospitality, marketing and event planning with the Marq Inn, a new hotel located along the world famous Patong Beach, Phuket. Intern accommodations are provided outside of the high season (December-March). Stipend provided for 2 term interns.

  • Save Elephant Foundation - Chiang Mai | Thailand

    Save Elephant Foundation (formerly Elephant Nature Foundation) increases awareness about the endangered Asian elephant, educates locals on the humane treatment of their elephants, and provides sanctuary for rescued elephants at their nature park. Gain valuable project management experience by assisting with promotional work, traveling to villages to help educate, and helping to manage eco-tourism groups, conservation events and planning. Be a part of an inspirational effort to save endangered elephants and their habitat in Thailand!

  • The Tobago Museum - Scarborough, Tobago | Trinidad & Tobago

    Interns assist the Curator and board members of this small museum on the island of Tobago in grant writing, organizing materials and events, and working with preservation. The mission of the Tobago Museum is to collect and develop West Indian historical, cultural and educational materials in an effort to preserve and enhance the West Indian history and culture. English language.