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  • Rosario City Hall - International Affairs Office - Rosario | Argentina

    The Office of International Affairs was founded in 1992 with the goal to become more involved internationally and to develop an internationalization strategy for the city of Rosario. It had become apparent that many of the universities, unions, non-governmental organizations and organizations of the region had international dimensions and relationships. Interns will learn about Argentine government and politics first hand. Not available during January.

  • Professional Pathways Australia:  Individualized Placements - Victoria | Australia

    Explore your career down under through individualized placements primarily in the Melbourne area of Australia in almost any field! Other cities may be available depending on your career interest.

  • American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) - Chile - Santiago | Chile

    The Chilean American Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-profit organization representing, promoting and developing U.S. business in Chile and fostering trade between the two countries. Interns will work within the Research Department on a variety of projects.

  • Abroad China - Beijing, Shanghai | China

    Internships with a wide variety of businesses and organizations are possible through our partnership with Abroad China. Placements are made in Beijing and Shanghai.

  • REV Training and Coaching - Shanghai | China

    Join a small business providing corporate and personal training services to increase productivity through public workshops, corporate trainings and individual coaching sessions. Interns at REV Training and Coaching will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain exposure to marketing, small business management and event planning. See a video from REV Training and Coaching inviting qualified applicants to apply here.

  • UN Women - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women - Quito | Ecuador

    Intern for the United Nations in Ecuador. UN Women is a learning and advocacy organization fostering networks and linkages that contribute to women's empowerment, policy reform, and gender sensitive development. 12 month internship. Great opportunity for senior or Master's students.

  • Dream Careers in London - London | England

    Gain professional experience in fields such as fashion, finance, PR and marketing, events management or media while living in one of the world's largest and most cosmopolitan cities - London, England.

  • Fulbright Commission - London | England

    Join a small but dynamic and highly motivated team of staff based in London, England that can provide you with hands-on work experience in the field of educational exchange in student advising, events management, communications and/ or marketing.

  • Individualized Internships in Germany - Primarily Cologne and surrounding areas | Germany

    Internships in Germany in a variety of fields suitable for students with previous experience studying in Germany or have a strong German language foundation.

  • Peace Boat - Tokyo | Japan

    Support the work of an international NGO while gaining hands on experience in the fields of peace, sustainability, and international cultural exchange. This is a great opportunity for people to further develop their language while contributing to the strengthening of global civil society. Peace Boat interns support voyage staff that serve as interpreters, language teachers and program managers.

  • Run for the Cure Foundation - Tokyo | Japan

    Gain experience in nonprofit fundraising and event planning at one of the few organizations in Japan focusing on breast cancer. In a multicultural environment you will learn about outreach and project management while improving your Japanese skills.

  • Ruwwad: The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development - Jabal Natheef, Amman | Jordan

    Over the past four years, Ruwwad has been providing essential services to Jabal Natheef in several key areas: health, safety, decent living, education, employment, sustainability and legal aid. Ruwwad is a community empowerment organization that helps disadvantaged communities overcome marginalization through youth activism, civic engagement, and education. Join Ruwwad in its unique community empowerment model and help the communities of Amman.

  • Softpillow Mollycoddle & Co. - Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

    Intern with Softpillow Mollycoddle & Co., a boutique event design consultancy born out of the desire to innovate the event design and management sector within the larger corporate events industry. We offer full-fledged creative and management services within the events, branding, design and communication sectors. Gain hands on professional experience and join this small team of innovative specialists based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. English language internship. Stipend provided.

  • Tenaganita - Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

    Interns will support Tenaganita, a Malaysian NGO that protects and promotes the rights of women, migrants and refugees. The activities conducted by Tenaganita are legal aid services, awareness building to various stakeholders, and advocacy. English language internship. Stipend provided.

  • American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) - Guadalajara - Guadalajara, Jalisco | Mexico

    Intern for the American Chamber of Commerce in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Assist in organizing and supporting members working in trade, tourism, industrial development, education, and labor relations; organizing seminars; publishing information on trade, exporting markets, and logistics.

  • Institute of International Education (IIE) - Mexico City | Mexico

    The Institute of International Education (IIE) Office for Latin America in Mexico City hosts a U.S. Department of State sponsored EducationUSA Advising Center. IIE interns work work in the EducationUSA Advising Cetner and assist Regional Educational Advising Coordinators with advising students as well as with administrative duties and managment of special projects. Stipend provided.

  • ITESM Campus Querétaro, International Programs Department - Querétaro | Mexico

    ITESM Campus Querétaro is part of the Tecnológico de Monterrey University System. The International Programs Department facilitates reception of international students and sends Mexican students abroad. Interns support a broad range of office functions. Host arranges complimentary accommodation with homestay family.

  • Casa Verde - Limon, Rivas | Nicaragua

    NEW INTERNSHIP! Gain real management and hands-on experience interning as a Project Coordinator for Casa Verde while you work, play, and grow alongside local youth leaders in Limon, Nicaragua. Interns have the opportunity to build upon local community projects while acting as a peer and project leaders. Intermediate Spanish language skills are required but in-country language courses available. Homestay opportunities are provided.

  • Association of Chief Officers of Scottish Voluntary Organizations - Edinburgh | Scotland

    Work with the professional development organization for the leaders of charities and non-profits in Scotland's capital. Interns with the ACOSVO will aid in researching, planning, and managing events for the chief officers of voluntary organizations across Scotland and the United Kingdom. This is an exceptional opportunity for students in business, communications, public relations, or any student with an interest in professional development, to gain a better understanding of how charities work together with the government. Students are invited to attend organization events, which will encourage collaboration and future networking opportunities.

  • Scottish Parliament - Edinburgh | Scotland

    Work on the staff of a Member of the Scottish Parliament - assisting with parliamentary research, constituency relations, press contact, speech writing, and other jobs in the capital of Scotland.

  • Scottish Seabird Centre - North Berwick | Scotland

    The Scottish Seabird Center is a charity dedicated to inspiring people to appreciate and care for wildlife and the environment. All proceeds are reinvested in the work of the charity and the Center relies on the help of all its volunteers, members and sponsors to survive. The award-winning Center is a Visit Scotland five star attraction and is committed to providing a high quality service, while benefiting our local environment, wildlife and community. The Seabird Center is set in a stunning location overlooking the islands of the Firth of Forth and the white sandy beaches of North Berwick. Opportunities exist in teaching/educational programs, the Discovery Center, and Center events and exhibits.

  • Cape Town Film Industry Internships - Cape Town | South Africa

    Cape Town is home to the largest film industry in the Southern Hemisphere and as a result, major films and international advertising campaigns are regularly filmed in locations throughout the city. Interns will be placed in a specific production company, working both on-site and in offices on pre- and post-production and administrative tasks. Placements will be made based on the applicant's interests and the host organization's needs.

  • Cape Town Marketing and Advertising Internships - Cape Town | South Africa

    Interns will be individually placed in a specific company with a focus on marketing and advertising, based on their experience and interests. Opportunities include advertising agencies, event management, tourism, sports and recreation marketing, and online marketing/web design.

  • Marq Inn - Patong, Phuket | Thailand

    Gain professional experience in the fields of business management, hospitality, marketing and event planning with the Marq Inn, a new hotel located along the world famous Patong Beach, Phuket. Intern accommodations are provided outside of the high season (December-March). Stipend provided for 2 term interns.

  • American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) - Trinidad & Tobago - Port of Spain, Trinidad | Trinidad & Tobago

    Gain international trade and business experience while working on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. English language.

  • The Tobago Museum - Scarborough, Tobago | Trinidad & Tobago

    Interns assist the Curator and board members of this small museum on the island of Tobago in grant writing, organizing materials and events, and working with preservation. The mission of the Tobago Museum is to collect and develop West Indian historical, cultural and educational materials in an effort to preserve and enhance the West Indian history and culture. English language.