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  • Holt International Cambodia - Phnom Penh | Cambodia

    The intern working with Holt Cambodia will have a unique opportunity to work with a newly established office of Holt International Children’s Services based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The three staff members of Holt Cambodia, all women who are fluent in English, are working as a team to expand Holt Cambodia’s programming to serve more children and vulnerable families in Cambodia. The Holt office is currently implementing an educational support program that benefits 81 students from eighth grade through university. To expand programming, a new partnership with a local non-governmental organization (NGO) is planned to begin at the end of 2012. The office will benefit from the contribution of a native English speaking intern who can assist with a variety of projects, including report writing, grant writing, and the development of public relations material to be used by Holt International.

  • Sovann Komar Children’s Village - Phnom Penh | Cambodia

    Interns will provide support to Sovann Komar, a philosophically unique organization committed to improving the lives of children, families, and communities in Cambodia. Interns contribute to projects in Education, Special Education, Physical Education, Health, Library Science, Fundraising and more! Lunches provided by Sovann Komar.

  • The Trailblazer Foundation - Siem Riep and surrounding areas | Cambodia

    Be a part of a sustainable development organization working in in and around Siem Riep, Cambodia. Intern as an Agricultural Assistant or Data Analyst for The Trailblazer Foundation, which works to provide clean water, support food security and provide technical training to rural villages around the town of Siem Riep. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about grassroots, non-profit program management. Interns will have an opportunity to support extraordinary community based projects while experiencing Cambodia's rich culture and complex history. Located about 15 miles from infamous Angkor Wat, interns will be well placed to explore the ruins of one of the greatest human creations in history. In the role as intern you will assist The Trailblazer Foundation in its mission to build local capacity to alleviate the poverty and hardship that remains from the devastation of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

  • Abroad China - Beijing, Shanghai | China

    Internships with a wide variety of businesses and organizations are possible through our partnership with Abroad China. Placements are made in Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Jinqiao Schools - Wuxi (near Shanghai) | China

    Looking for a very affordable internship in a historic area an hour outside of Shanghai? Work in an elementary school, kindergarten or language training school as a conversational English teacher in Wuxi, China. Stipend and room and board are provided with homestay or apartment housing provided. Additionally, at least 25% of your international airfare will be reimbursed upon completion of the internship. One term internships are possible. Mandarin lessons provided for those interested in learning some Chinese.

  • REV Training and Coaching - Shanghai | China

    Join a small business providing corporate and personal training services to increase productivity through public workshops, corporate trainings and individual coaching sessions. Interns at REV Training and Coaching will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain exposure to marketing, small business management and event planning. See a video from REV Training and Coaching inviting qualified applicants to apply here.

  • Suzhou High School - Suzhou, Jiangsu | China

    Paid internship teaching science, math, and English to middle school and high school students in an immersion school. It is one of the oldest and best schools in the area, with an educational history of nearly 1000 years. Housing, plane ticket, and monthly stipend provided.

  • The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu (Eco-lodge and Restaurant) - Mutianyu (near Beijing) | China

    Interns with varied backgrounds provide support to this award winning sustainable lodge and restaurant business in the historic village of Mutianyu at the base of the Great Wall of China. Stipend, room and board and weekend getaways to Beijing provided.

  • U.S. Commercial Service China - Shanghai | China

    Help the Commercial Section support U.S. firms export their goods and services to China. Interns engage in a variety of tasks such as policy research and analysis, support work on intellectual property issues, aid commercial service product launches, participate in business advocacy meetings, trade shows and more!

  • Center for Social Medicine - Loni, Maharashtra, India | India

    The Center for Social Medicine is housed in a university adjacent to a hospital that provides innovative rural health services to a wide range of beneficiaries. Interns will study the health challenges faced in rural India from a systemic and clinical view and are able to tailor their program according to their background and interests. Interns may shadow doctors or nurses in the hospital, tour mobile and e-clinics, engage in trainings for women's empowerment initiatives, visit HIV/AIDS prevention programs and study health in tribal communities. Using sound training and development principles, this internship meets the learning goals for students interested in public health, pre-med, nursing, dentistry, community health education as well as rural development.

  • Yayasan Compassion First Indonesia (YCFI) - North Sulawesi | Indonesia

    Intern with an organization where the goal is to serve the victims of child exploitation in Indonesia. YCFI provides counseling and quality education for girls brought out of the Indonesian sex trade and work to restore their lives so that they may be fully stabilized upon returning to society. Interns support in areas of education, program development, activity planning, communications and media and more.

  • Our Planet TV - Tokyo | Japan

    Interns will learn about the alternative media in Japan and improve their Japanese language skills while working in the non-profit world. Learn how to make a professional video working with a non-profit webcast crew. Projects range from research to editing, public relations, translation, and others.

  • Peace Boat - Tokyo | Japan

    Support the work of an international NGO while gaining hands on experience in the fields of peace, sustainability, and international cultural exchange. This is a great opportunity for people to further develop their language while contributing to the strengthening of global civil society. Peace Boat interns support voyage staff that serve as interpreters, language teachers and program managers.

  • Shure University - Tokyo | Japan

    Join a team creating and implementing project-based curricula in a non-traditional school for Japanese students. Work as a project or teaching assistant on a wide variety of projects spanning from theater and arts to solar power. Learn the importance of democratic education while finding out more about Japanese social and educational structures. Beginning Japanese required for fluent English speakers.

  • Tenaganita - Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

    Interns will support Tenaganita, a Malaysian NGO that protects and promotes the rights of women, migrants and refugees. The activities conducted by Tenaganita are legal aid services, awareness building to various stakeholders, and advocacy. English language internship. Stipend provided.

  • Asral NGO Mongolia - Gachuurt, near Ulaanbatar | Mongolia

    Work hands-on in subsistence gardening in Mongolia. This is an ideal site for those interested in sustainable agriculture/horticulture, food production and food security in the developing world. Housing and board provided free of charge in Ulaanbatar. Asral NGO Mongolia is a project of Jampa Ling , a non-governmental organization in Ireland working with local partners in Mongolia and India to reduce suffering, promote and develop life supporting, self-sustaining projects, provide training, health care and education, and achieve improvements in the lives of people living in poverty.

  • Trek To Teach - villages near Pokhara, Nepal | Nepal

    Trek through the Himalayas to arrive at a mountain village school to teach Nepali students! Live with a Nepali family and immerse yourself within a rich culture in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This internship requires applicants be adventurous and in excellent physical condition.

  • Save Elephant Foundation - Chiang Mai | Thailand

    Save Elephant Foundation (formerly Elephant Nature Foundation) increases awareness about the endangered Asian elephant, educates locals on the humane treatment of their elephants, and provides sanctuary for rescued elephants at their nature park. Gain valuable project management experience by assisting with promotional work, traveling to villages to help educate, and helping to manage eco-tourism groups, conservation events and planning. Be a part of an inspirational effort to save endangered elephants and their habitat in Thailand!

  • Three Generation Barge Program - Bangkok | Thailand

    Contribute to unique experiential education program on sustainability, climate change, natural disasters and global citizenship. Intern as an Environmental Educator or as a Multi-media specialist while working on a converted rice barge on the Chao Praya River, in Thailand's pristine reserves, estuaries and mangrove forests.

  • Three Generation Visiting Schools Program - Chiang Mai | Thailand

    Be a part of an experiential education program focused on sustainability, cross-cultural awareness, outdoor education, leadership, community service and more. Room and board provided for interns staying on campus.

  • Holt International Vietnam - Hanoi, northern Vietnam | Vietnam

    The intern working with Holt-Vietnam will have a unique opportunity to work with well-established Holt office based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Holt-Vietnam is known for their effective case-management and high quality services for children and families. They collaborate closely with government partners and are well-respected in Vietnam. Help further develop their public relations materials and increase visibility and awareness of the Holt-Vietnam program while improving your understanding of non-profit administration and child welfare services at a this well respected international organization. English is spoken by office staff but Vietnamese proficiency is preferred for the successful applicant.