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Set an appointment with Kevin Hood in Internship Services Tuesdays through Fridays between 8 am and 4 pm.

Choosing an internship

Identify internships that are a good fit for your previous experience, academic focus, long term career goals, personal interests and language abilities. It is important to read the position description in detail and demonstrate an understanding of the internship in your application. If you have questions, talk to your IE3 Campus Advisor.

Application Process

Once you have identified your top choices for an internship, complete an online application. A complete application includes:

  • essay
  • a current resume
  • cover letter
  • transcripts
  • two references (one academic and one professional)
  • $50 application fee
  • $250 IE3 program deposit (payable after approval for participation in the IE3 Global Internship program)

University of Montana Application Fee and Deposit

Application Deadlines for Semester Schools:

Please note: all IE3 Global Internships deadlines in the table below are listed for academic QUARTERS. For students on a SEMESTER system, the deadlines are as follows:

SUMMER: January 25th

These deadlines apply to internship applications and scholarship applications.

Application Deadlines

IE3 Internships are available throughout the academic year and roughly align with the Oregon University System's academic calendar (click here to view calendar). The Oregon University System follows a quarter systems; therefore, there are four possible terms during which internships begin and four different deadlines. Each session roughly corresponds to a 10 week academic quarter, however you can choose to intern for a duration of 10-14 weeks per term and start dates are generally flexible. Apply to the term in which you wish to START your internship. If you attend a semester school, please note that the Winter Session most closely aligns with your Spring Semester start date.

Term Deadline
Summer Term

January 25th

Fall Term

April 15th

Winter Term*

(Winter Quarter or Spring Semester)

September 1st

Spring Term

November 15th (April start dates)

* If you are at a semester school and wish to be abroad during your second semester (i.e. Spring Semester), please adhere to the Winter Term deadline.

Participation Agreement

Once you have been interviewed by your campus and recommended to the IE3 program, the IE3 Regional Director assigned to your file will review your application for consideration. If your application is approved for referral to your chosen internship, your application status will be updated and you will receive an automated email from the online system notifying you of this change. To confirm participation log-in to your IE3 online application, sign the Participation Agreement in the Material Submission tab of your application, and submit the $250 IE3 program deposit as soon as possible. The $250 IE3 program deposit must be paid before your file can be sent to an internship site for placement. Your $250 IE3 program deposit is non-refundable, in all circumstances, except if you are denied placement

Final Acceptance and Confirmation

Final acceptance to the program is determined by the internship site. Once the IE3 Regional Director has received confirmation from your internship supervisor, you are considered fully accepted and your status will be updated. Again, you will receive an automated email notifying you of this change. You will need to log in to your application to view your Award Letter (uploaded under the documents section).

At this point, it is important to confirm the dates of the internship, travel details, orientation information, and complete all unfinished questionnaires so that you can begin planning.

IE3 Program Fees

The IE3 program fee is $3450 for the first term and $1000 for each additional term, regardless of credit earned. You do not pay tuition for the term(s) you are abroad.

Campus Fee

A University of Montana fee of $150 for the first term (plus $5.25 per credit for X98 internship course) and will be billed in addition to the IE3 Global Internship program fee.  Each additional semester is $150 plus $5.25 per credit for x98 internship course.  Regular University of Montana tuition is waived for the terms of the internship. 

IE3 Scholarships

IE3 offers need based scholarships. For more information, as well as additional resources for national scholarship searches, visit the Scholarships page.

University of Montana Scholarships

Follow this link for a listing of international programs scholarships: International Programs Scholarships

Follow this link for details on the Dailey Study Abroad Scholarships worth $1500 each: Dailey Study Abroad Scholarships

Contact Kevin Hood and your department advisors to find out about additional scholarships available specifically to University of Montana students.

Refund Policy

The following are the IE3 refund terms and conditions to which all IE3 interns have agreed by signing the Participation Agreement. Additional information regarding these terms was also provided in the Learning Agreement included in the IE3 Application. If you should have any further questions regarding these policies, please contact your Regional Director.

IE3 Refund Terms and Conditions for interns applying to the Winter 2013 term or later Applicants agree to the following IE3 Program Fee refund terms and conditions:

  • My $250 IE3 deposit, payable after I am approved for participation in the IE3 Global Internship program, is non-refundable, in all circumstances, except if I am denied placement.
  • If I withdraw from the internship program after signing the participation agreement but before the official start date of my internship as shown on the program cost sheet, I will be responsible for 50% of the program fee.
  • If I withdraw from the internship program on or after the official internship start date as shown on the program cost sheet, I will be responsible for 100% of the first term’s program fee.
  • If my appointment covers multiple terms and I decide not to complete one or more of the subsequent terms, I must notify IE3 in writing at least 30 days prior to the start of that term. I will then be billed for 50% of the charges due for subsequent term(s). I will be billed 100% of the subsequent term’s fees if notification of withdrawal is less than 30 days prior to the start of the additional term.
  • I will notify IE3 Global Internships in writing of my decision to withdraw from the program.
  • I understand that additional refund terms and conditions apply to some IE3 sites, and that individual position descriptions on the website include this information in the internship costs section. It is my responsibility to understand all costs to which I am committing myself.
  • I am aware that if I withdraw after placement, costs already paid by IE3 on my behalf may not be subject to refund. I understand that I will be responsible for bearing those costs, and that they will be added to my bill.

Billing Information

There will be a detailed Billing Memo uploaded to your IE3 online application. Read a copy here: UMBillingMemo.pdf, or contact Kevin for details on billing and financial aid.

Predeparture Orientation

Predeparture orientation provides you with critical tools for succeeding in an international internship. Attendance is mandatory. Orientations are scheduled throughout the region. If you have any questions, communicate with your Regional Director.

Upcoming Orientation Dates

Orientation Date - Location
Pre-departure Orientation-Washington October 11  -  - Seattle, WA
Pre-departure Orientation-Oregon October 18  -  - Corvallis, OR

IE3 Internship Handbook

You will receive an IE3 Global Internships handbook at orientation. It includes recommended activities to maximize the impact of your internship abroad as well as some journal questions to focus your reflection - or serve as a guideline for academic reports.

Arranging Academic Credit

Students are required to work under an academic supervisor who is willing to supervise their credits while completing their internships abroad. Academic supervisors should be major advisors or professors within the department granting the credit for the internship. The student and the supervising professor will establish the requirements for obtaining the credit. Examples of past credit evaluation projects include weekly directed email updates, submission of a final project, or granting research credits toward a final thesis or project. The final agreement is strictly between the student and his/her supervising professor. A written outline of this agreement is recommended.


Once a supervising faculty person has been established and the applicant has been accepted into the program, students and their supervising professors will complete a Continuing Education Course Preparation Form and submit it to Kevin Hood in Internship Services. This form will be submitted on the students' behalf and students will be registered for Continuing Education credits throughout the duration of their internship.