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Noted on April 10, 2012 by Eric Skaar in

Written by William Brooks: University of Oregon student interning with Rinchem Company in Shanghai, China.
2Brooks3 After reflecting on my internship, there is no doubt in my mind I am more committed to a career in this field because of the experience that was influenced by wonderful coworkers and a supportive boss. Interning at Rinchem was my first professional internship and I could not have been any luckier. Chemical logistics appears to be a very specific career field that I could see myself striving in for years to come. One of the biggest reasons I feel this way is because I participated on an interview committee to find a new Rinchem Manager for Japan. I realized that the qualifications to become a logistics manager, especially for a chemical logistics company that handles Dangerous Goods, are very difficult. I believe that if I continue to work in the chemical logistics industry I can stay in this industry for a long time.

I also believe that chemical logistics has to be one of the most grueling industries of logistics. So if I can thrive in chemical logistics I could start my own logistic company or work for a different type of Logistics Company with a higher position in my lifetime.

2Brooks2 My personal experiences with Chinese individuals, specifically my coworkers, helped mold and change my impressions of Chinese culture. My impression did not change much at all since I had already been to Shanghai before, but really this experience in China continued to build off of my last impression of China.

My greatest challenge was learning and adapting to European culture. Yes, I was in China, but l have been to China before and I am already familiar with their culture. I had a European roommate and hung out with many of his friends. Many times I was ridiculed for my nonchalant behavior around Europeans. I realize that I need to be more conscious of my actions because people from different places of the world have different reactions to people’s body language. For example, saying hello and goodbye is very intimate in European culture. After eating dinner with my European roommate and his friends he told me that it was very rude how I did not personally say goodbye to each individual at the dinner. I was genuinely embarrassed because I did not want his friends to feel like I did not care about them at all.

The greatest reward from this internship is being hired on by Rinchem and knowing that I am going back to Shanghai in August 2012 (after graduation) to intern with Rinchem again. I am excited to go back to Rinchem knowing that everyone will have higher expectations for me since I have interned there before. I can’t wait to go back and show Rinchem what I have learned during my last two quarters of school and that I can apply it during my next internship.

In conclusion, IE3 has provided me with a life changing opportunity. In short it has broadened my horizons and given me the chance to go back to a country that people only dream of going to.

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