How to Apply

How to get started (step by step):

  1. Check out the internship listings and sign up for email updates about opportunities in your major, scholarships, and campus specific information.
  2. Meet with your IE3 Campus Advisor.
  3. Launch a student account through the online application system by selecting a particular internship and start work on your application (note: application deadlines are approximately 3-6 months before the internship term starts)
  4. The application requires a cover letter and resume. Meet with Career Services at your home university.
  5. Financial planning - read the financial planning section and complete a cost calculator sheet for your top choice internships, then talk to your financial aid officer at your home university.
  6. Meet with an academic advisor in your major about credits for the internship and how they will apply to your program.
  7. Submit the application online
    The online application includes:
    -Formal cover letter
    -Professional Résumé
    -A personal essay about your professional development and goals
    -Two recommendations
    -Several application questionnaires
    -IE3 Application Fee of $50 (non-refundable)
    -Campus application fee – varies by campus
  8. Interview with your campus internship advisor.
  9. Upon completion of your interview, IE3 will review your application materials and notify you of your status in the program. If your application and interview indicate that you are likely to succeed in the international internship(s) you have selected, you will receive an email notifying you of preliminary approval. This is generally within four weeks of the application deadline. For details on characteristics of successful candidates, visit the “Selection Process” page.
  10. Included in your notice of preliminary approval is a participation agreement and an estimated cost sheet outlining anticipated expenses for your first choice internship placement. You must review this cost sheet and the refund policy on the participation agreement and then sign the agreement digitally as soon as possible. Your placement will not move forward until the Regional Director has received confirmation that you are committed to participating in your first choice internship placement.
  11. Upon receipt of your signed participation agreement and payment of the $250 IE3 program deposit, the IE3 Regional Director will submit your file to your first choice internship.
  12. You will be notified of final acceptance via email. This can take six to eight weeks, or sometimes longer.

Application Deadlines

IE3 Internships are available throughout the academic year and roughly align with the Oregon University System's academic calendar (click here to view calendar). The Oregon University System follows a quarter systems; therefore, there are four possible terms during which internships begin and four different deadlines. Each session roughly corresponds to a 10 week academic quarter, however you can choose to intern for a duration of 10-14 weeks per term and start dates are generally flexible. Apply to the term in which you wish to START your internship. If you attend a semester school, please note that the Winter Session most closely aligns with your Spring Semester start date.

Term Deadline
Summer Term

January 25th

Fall Term

April 15th

Winter Term*

(Winter Quarter or Spring Semester)

September 1st

Spring Term

November 15th (April start dates)

* If you are at a semester school and wish to be abroad during your second semester (i.e. Spring Semester), please adhere to the Winter Term deadline.