Application Information

Make sure you have already read How IE3 Works and Plan an Internship.

The pages in this section can help you:

  • make sure you have chosen the right internship
  • fine tune your application materials to make your application complete and competitive
  • understand the selection process.

NOTE: The IE3 program is only open to students enrolled at select partner universities in the Western United States. If your university is not included on the list of participating schools, you are not eligible to participate.

Please note that only applications submitted from individuals attending partner schools will be reviewed. If you have any questions, please contact IE3 staff.

Application Deadlines

IE3 Internships are available throughout the academic year and roughly align with the Oregon University System's academic calendar (click here to view calendar). The Oregon University System follows a quarter systems; therefore, there are four possible terms during which internships begin and four different deadlines. Each session roughly corresponds to a 10 week academic quarter, however you can choose to intern for a duration of 10-14 weeks per term and start dates are generally flexible. Apply to the term in which you wish to START your internship. If you attend a semester school, please note that the Winter Session most closely aligns with your Spring Semester start date.

Term Deadline
Summer Term

January 25th

Fall Term

April 15th

Winter Term*

(Winter Quarter or Spring Semester)

September 1st

Spring Term

November 15th (April start dates)

* If you are at a semester school and wish to be abroad during your second semester (i.e. Spring Semester), please adhere to the Winter Term deadline.