Reporting Requirements

No later than one month after you return from the international internship site please submit the following:

Final Internship Report

A narrative report evaluating your internship experience. Reports should be a minimum of 3-8 pages in length, typed, and double-spaced. Shortly after the end of your internship, you will be able to upload your report as a word or pdf file in your online application on the questionnaire called Final Internship Report. Supplement your report with pictures or other materials in the form of a Power Point presentation or video. Please also attach copies of any reports you wrote for credit at your home campus with your IE3 report. Be sure to address the following aspects of your internship. Use excerpts from your journal, where appropriate.

  1. Your first day at the internship site
  2. Adequacy of your language ability and how it developed
  3. The most important benefits of your internship - personally and professionally
  4. The biggest challenges at your internship
  5. Steps you took to make sure that you became an asset to the organization
  6. The guidance and supervision by your mentor on site and professor on campus
  7. How your impression of the country changed in the course of your internship
  8. What you wish you had known before you arrived
  9. An overview of your daily routine
  10. Tips for future interns who will be living in the same city/country (ie. transportation, money, entertainment, culture, housing arrangements)

Employer Evaluation

Your employer must complete an Employer Evaluation form. This is available online at:

If internet access is insufficient or unavailable at your internship site, your employer may complete the PDF version of the evaluation. Please bring the completed survey back with you and deliver it to your regional director.

Make sure that you obtain confirmation that the evaluation has been sent before you leave your internship. The employer evaluation will be held confidential and will be used by our staff only for statistical purposes. It will not become part of your official student record. If appropriate, you may want to request an additional formal letter of recommendation from your supervisor. If you do, please forward a copy to us.

Once your employer evaluation has been received, it will be marked as Received in the Material Submissions area of your online application by an IE3 staff member.

Intern Evaluation

You must complete an evaluation that prompts you to reflect on your own internship experience, and give you the opportunity to provide feedback about your internship site and the IE3 program. That evaluation will be available to you in the questionnaires section of your online application after the end of your internship.

NOTE: Your reports and feedback are an important element in the evaluation and promotion of the IE3 program. We may make all or part of your narrative report available to future interns, Campus Advisors, and other interested parties, and may publish your reports for the purpose of promoting the program. Please include any information that you as an intern would have liked to have had before starting your internship. Your evaluation survey and your employer's evaluation will be held confidential and will be used only for statistical analysis.