Predeparture Orientation

Once you have been placed in an internship and received your official Letter of Appointment from the IE3 Global Internship program, the adventure is just beginning!

There are three important pieces to the IE3 pre-departure orientation:

  1. General tools to succeed in an international internship
  2. Specific information about your host country and organization
  3. Understanding the IE3 program (responsibilities, insurance, billing, credit, etc.)

  4. IE3 pre-departure orientations are conducted at regular intervals throughout the year in Oregon, Washington and Montana. A list of upcoming orientations is provided below. Attendance at an orientation is required of all IE3 interns. If you know you will not be able to attend the orientation closest to your campus and your departure date, please make plans with your Regional Director to attend another orientation. If there are extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from attending any orientation, please discuss this with your Regional Director as soon as possible.

    You may also be expected to attend an orientation at your campus for outbound students. Your campus advisor will inform you of this requirement.

    If at any point you have any questions about issues covered in orientation, please contact your IE3 Regional Director. While you will receive some information about your host country and organization from the Regional Director, it is up to you to prepare yourself for the internship. Read the sections on preparation for suggestions.

    Upcoming Predeparture Orientation Dates

    Orientation Date - Location
    Pre-departure Orientation-Washington October 11  -  - Seattle, WA
    Pre-departure Orientation-Oregon October 18  -  - Corvallis, OR