IE3-OUS Chancellor Scholarship

IE3-OUS Chancellor Scholarships

IE3 offers scholarships to highly-qualified applicants with financial need. The award is in the form of a $500 - $1500 program fee reduction (for Scholarship Recipient Requirements, see below). IE3 Global Internships considers applications for all IE3 internship sites.

To apply, submit a completed IE3 Scholarship Application online in addition to a completed Internship Application.

Apply for an IE3 Scholarship Online!

Scholarships are awarded and applied to the term for which each application is submitted. Awards may not exceed the amount of the IE3 program fee per term and interns must plan to be abroad during the term for which scholarship applications are submitted.

Scholarship deadlines by term (Late applications are not accepted.):

  • Summer term: February 8
  • Fall term: April 29
  • Winter term: September 15
  • Spring term: November 29

Applicants will be notified of the scholarship committee's decision approximately 4 weeks after the deadline has passed.

Scholarship Recipient Requirements:

Documenting your experience: By accepting this award you agree to share substantially your experiences during your internship with the IE3 Global Internships program. You are required to share your experience in both written and visual format:

  1. Written Submission: Written submissions may take the form of regular blog entries, daily journals, formal essays or other methods as presented in your scholarship application. You agree to discuss this requirement with the Scholarship Advisor to determine a mutually acceptable plan.
  2. Visual Submission: You agree to share photos and/or video footage of your internship and yourself overseas with the IE3 program. You authorize IE3 Global Internships to use any text, photos, video footage or other materials submitted by you in IE3 print and online materials.

Completion of IE3 Program Requirements: This award also requires that you complete all standard IE3 program requirements including pre-departure paperwork, campus requirements and IE3 post-internship reporting requirements in a timely manner.

Financial arrangements: This award is given in the form of a reduction in your IE3 program fee and will be applied directly to your program budget, reducing the amount for which you are billed by IE3. Your university's financial aid office will be informed of this award and other types of aid may be adjusted as a result.

Introducing IE3 Scholarship Recipients:

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the IE3 Scholarship. Each term recipients are highlighted in our Field Notes blog. Visit our blog to learn more about the IE3 scholarship recipients and the adventures and learning opportunities they are encountering. If you are interested in hearing about student experiences at a specific site, look for the "Field Notes Postings" under the Additional Information tab in each position description.

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